Folk Music in Casinos – A Tradition

Casinos, in their current forms, have not been around for as long as gambling dens have existed, mostly because gambling was forbidden in many countries. Music has always accompanied gambling, whether it was relaxing music or upbeat folk music, you could always hear something coming from either a live band or nowadays, via speakers.

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There are many different traditions which have different notes, all being present in casinos in different regions of the world, providing players with a different vibe and sensation. Here is a list of what you might expect in various casinos of the world.


This is a very interesting region on the eastern side of China, referred to as the Macao Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. It is an autonomous territory and is home to the world’s largest casino, The Venetian Macao. Other than that, it has become a known gambling location, one where you might hear Chinese folk music, relaxing in its own way, with instruments that can fine tune your senses to have a different gambling experience.


Singapore is a recent addition to the gambling scene and has seen more and more people through the years. Another thing that Singapore has is a very diverse music scene, ranging from opera, pop music, rock, metal and western classical music. You are likely to hear anything in their casinos, including some traditional music from different ethnic origins.

Monte Carlo:

The Monte Carlo Casino is an entertainment complex which is consisted of a casino, but also an opera house and is home to a classical ballet company called Les Ballets de Monte Carlo which translates to The Monte Carlo Ballet. Monte Carlo is a part of Monaco, a sovereign country in the south of France, bordered by France on three side and the Mediterranean Sea in the south. Monaco’s music includes various operas but can also include traditional French music. Be prepared to hear an accordion.

Las Vegas:

Home to the Las Vegas Strip, a very large area populated with casinos, you are likely to find a lot of gambling and fun here, including various music. While traditional US music is somewhat rare, it can still be heard in the many casinos, you are more likely to hear something modern or at least, more popular.

Tradition may be important in some cases, but folk music is ever so rarer in casinos, being put aside to accommodate the tastes of the modern punters, meaning much more popular, recent music. Some are respectful of rock traditions, others of pop, and some even play the odd classical tune. Be that as it may, roaming through the casinos of the world, you are likely to find that frequently plays traditional, folk music, if you try hard enough.