Amazing Folktales that Would Make Great Movies

There are countless ways you can spend your free time. The Internet has allowed us to see and access everything that people have ever written, composed, or played. You can learn something new, or meet friends. If you are tired from your day job, you can just unwind and place a few bets. In fact, websites today make great offers, like the PA lottery bonus code, which allows you to get bonuses when you sign up so that you can enjoy your betting experience completely. However, if you prefer to keep your mind busy, you can combine fun and learning and check out some of these folktales from around the world. They are so creative and thrilling that they could easily be made into movies that could rival the best superhero motion pictures. After reading them, you will be more familiar with some interesting and exotic cultures.


Despite its name, this is not a story about a haunted body part. In fact, Neck is the name that Germanic and Scandinavian people give to water fairies. In Finland, they are also known as Näkki, and in England, they are called Nix; there are even mentions of them in Beowulf. Usually, this spirit has a violin, and it plays very captivating and enchanting songs, which make children and women fall into the water and drown. They are not always malevolent, as it is also said that, if asked nicely, they will teach a musician to play with incredible skill and grace. There is not a single representation of this water spirit, as they are thought to be shapeshifters, so they do not have one definite form.


This creature comes from the Inuit culture. It is said to be a demon that preys on humans and kills them, albeit in a very unusual way. This creature has long fingers with claws; however, it does not use them to tear people apart, but rather to tickle them to death. If any person was found dead with a facial expression resembling a smile, people immediately knew that it was the work of this mysterious demon. Its appearance is frightening, because, in addition to the claws, it also has blue skin, and long, dark hair.

Baba Yaga

This is one of the most famous characters in Slavic folklore. Baba Yaga is often portrayed as an old woman who lives in the forest, in a house resting on a huge chicken foot. The house is sometimes portrayed as spinning until it’s politely asked to stop doing so. Baba Yaga is sometimes good, and sometimes evil. She is known to eat children, but she can also give advice and magical objects to help people who visit her. She uses either a broom, or a mortar and pestle to travel, and she despises the human smell of people who visit her to ask for her help.


This mythical creature comes from the Balkans. There are many debates over its appearance, but it is said that it is very dark and hairy, with razor-sharp claws. Drekavac lets out a deafening cry, a mixture of a howl and a child’s scream, which can petrify people who do not expect it. Also, it is not wise to roam the woods at night, as the creature can hop on your back and ride you around the forest until you die from exhaustion. Drekavac is said to be afraid of daylight and dogs.