Where Hotels, Casinos, and Folk Art Meet

It can be difficult to come up with a perfect vacation location, especially if you and your friends or family want different things from a trip. Some people spend all day, every day, looking at sites, while others enjoy the nightlife, the food, and the drinks. There are even those that are known to spend their entire trip indoors, just watching TV, browsing the net, or making the best of the promo from Sugarhouse.

However, there are places that connect these people. Hotels with casinos have been a thing since forever, but hotels and casinos that have folk art details are the topic of today’s piece. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy this list of hotels that will entice both gamers and fans of history.

Wynn Palace

Many world-class travelers have had the opportunity to visit at least one of the many fine Wynn Resort establishments around the world. Wynn Palace is a resort located in the People’s Republic of China, and it has a hotel that is 28 stories high, as well as casinos and some fine-dining restaurants.

Wynn Palace is also home to many fine art sculptures and paintings, as well as some works by contemporary artists. If you are lucky, you can see where the old meets the new with exhibitions like the Fake Antiques by Liao Yibai. This sculptor loves making stainless steel sculptures and here he recreated some of the sculptures of the Ming dynasty, among others.

Seneca Niagara Resort & Casino

This is one of many Native American casinos that incorporates enjoyable accommodations and amazing art. The resort features a decent selection of games, food options for everyone from a picky eater to a gourmand, and events that are guaranteed to entertain you. Tourists will be happy to know that it is very close to the Niagara Falls, so it is possible to incorporate a quick visit to this marvel if you get a chance.

In terms of art, you are not likely to stumble upon a museum or a gallery that will show you sculptures, dolls, and jewelry. However, you will definitely find these things, along with pottery, moccasins, and mukluks in the 8 Clans shop. You will find hand-crafted items that don’t only come from the Seneca, but the rest of the Iroquois people as well.

Hilton Santa Fe Buffalo Thunder Resort and Casino

Buffalo Thunder has kept up with the times in terms of organizing weddings and formal meetings. What separates this resort from others, however, is its prized art collection. The Pueblo of Pojoaque Buffalo Thunder Collection of Art is not just a simple piece or two displayed in a room – it is a legitimate museum with over 400 items, be they sculptures, paintings, or even pieces of architecture.

For the adventurous crowd, there are several sites near the resort, including the famous Poeh Cultural Center and Museum, where you and your family can find out more about the history and art of the Pueblo people. Places like this one are instrumental in getting to know and understanding Native American culture and traditions. Besides feasting your eyes on books and pottery, you can also pick up a few souvenirs to remember your experience. You can visit the museum any day except Sundays and holidays.