Summer folk festivals

True sports fans can’t wait for the summer – so they can have fun and browse the; the same goes for true fans of folk music: they can’t wait for the summer. For what reason? While the reasoning behind sports fans’ joy is obvious – as all tournaments are usually played over the summer – why are the folk fans joyful for summer? Why, it is the best season for some of the best folk fairs, festivals and jamborees around the world. People flock in hundreds and thousands to catch a glimpse of their favorite performers at their special summer folk festivals. We have made a humble list of these festivals we feel you should check out, should conditions permit.


We are starting strong with this festival that is more than forty years old. Summerfolk is the product of two people, Tim Harrison and his brother, John. The idea behind the festivity is that folk music is the music of the people, wherever they come from. This, in spite of the many difficulties along the way, has set the stage for an internationally acclaimed folk festival.

Time and place for this year’s Summerfolk 43 is August 17-19, at Kelso Beach Park, Ontario, Canada. As always, there are going to be dozens of performers, with 2018 bringing us Tanika Charles, My Son the Hurricane, Adonis Puentes, Kunle and many more.

Lowell Folk Festival

This year is the 32nd time this festival will stir up all of Massachusetts. It is far from a mere American music festival. We are talking full-on culture, with amazing art, street performers and food to die for. This is one of those celebrations that invites people from all over the globe to participate and introduce their cuisine to the lucky guests. You will find genuine ethnic dishes, like Greek baklava and gyro, Hispanic habichuela y ensalada, and Filipino lumpia, just to name a few.

The artists that will grace this venue come from near and far. Kahulanui from Hawaii, Neuza from Cape Verde, and Cora Harvey Armstrong from Virginia are just some of the performers we will get to hear in Lowell. But be quick, the festival only lasts from July 27 until July 29.

Bath Folk Festival

Last, but not least on this list is the Bath Folk Festival. What separates this venue from others is the fact that you can perform. That’s right – at the festival there is an open mike, so if you are a performer and think you are worthy, you can step up to the stage and show what you’ve got. This is also the longest festival on the list – this year it will last from August 11 until August 19.

The venue features John Doyle, the Gaulois Brothers, Beth Porter and the Availables, Young Waters, Ards CCE and many more. Be sure not to miss the Irish, English and Scandinavian Sessions. As with many festivals, is you are not exactly equipped to enjoy the events as a guest, you could always volunteer. The festival is always looking for an extra pair of hands, as well as donations.