Folk song studies: online books and journals

Canadian Journal for Traditional Music
The entire run of the Journal from 1973 to date is available as html with images where appropriate. Note: some articles contain numerous uncorrected OCR errors. As of the edition for 2002, the material is in pdf format. The files are very large and are likely to be difficult to load online for many users.
Link: Canadian Journal for Traditional Music

Celtic Cultural Studies
“An independently published and peer-reviewed interdisciplinary academic journal hosted by the CyberStudia”. The aim of this apparently defunct project was “to publish papers on diverse subjects relating to all cultures from the ‘Celtic territories’ and their diasporas, from all historical periods and geographical locations, within a broadly Cultural Studies perspective”. Small selection of papers with a political/sociological emphasis, some containing song-related material.

Ethnomusicology OnLine
Peer reviewed papers on ethnomusicology and related disciplines. Includes material on traditional song. Also hosted on various mirror sites.
Link: Ethnomusicology OnLine
University of Maryland, Baltimore County:

The Folk Music Journal
Beginning in 1898 as The Journal of the Folk Song Society, this annual publication continued from 1932 as The Journal of the English Folk Dance and Song Society, and from 1965 as The Folk Music Journal. Although it concentrates on English-language material relating to song and dance, it has never done so exclusively, and has in the past published substantial collections, for example, of Scottish and Manx Gaelic song.
Now independent of the main EFDSS website, and expanded to include complete contents listings for volumes 4 (1980-1984), 5 (1985-1989), 6 (1989-1994), 7 (1995-1999), 8 (2001-2005) and 9 (2006, proceeding), with partial (as yet) listings for volumes 1-3. Also information on the Journal’s history and aims, with guidelines for contributors.
The Journals themselves are not available online at this time, but they are currently being digitized and will be available through JSTOR in due course.
Link: The Folk Music Journal
The English Folk Dance and Song Society:

A Manx Notebook
Website devoted to all things Manx, and containing a wide selection of digital transcriptions of out of print material from journals and monographs to full books, including some relating to traditional song.
Music index
Carvels and hymns
A Manx Notebook:

The Singing Englishman: An Introduction to Folk Song
A. L. Lloyd, Workers Educational Association, 1951 (reprint of 1944 edition).
The most significant overview of English traditional song since Cecil Sharp’s English Folk Song: Some Conclusions of 1907, this short work formed the basis of Lloyd’s later, seminal work Folk Song in England (1957). Rendered as html with musical notation re-set as image files with linked midi transcriptions. New Introduction by Georgina Boyes.
Link: The Singing Englishman
Musical Traditions:

The Journal of the Society for Musicology in Ireland
JSMI is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal established in 2005. It is published exclusively online and its full-text contents are entirely free to access. Articles and reviews cover a broad range of musicological topics including traditional musics.
Link: Journal of the Society for Musicology in Ireland
University College, Cork:
Society for Musicology in Ireland:

Tocher (meaning a dowry in Scots, coming from the Scottish Gaelic “tochar”, now usually “tochradh”) was created in 1971 to provide an outlet for the treasure of oral tradition held in the archives of the School of Scottish Studies. English and Gaelic language material covering a wide range and including song. Extracts from selected volumes with some staff notation and sound recordings.
Link: Tocher
School of Scottish Studies (PEARL server):

Journal of the Welsh Folk Song Society
1909-1972. A selection of page images, mostly of songs published in the Journals, with a few sound files (RealAudio format) accompanying later examples. There are various search functions designed for the “local interest” user, but apparently no proper index or table of contents: the 576 items are displayed initially as thumbnails, 5 to a page. This makes for very slow browsing, and it is to be hoped that an index is at least planned. Bi-lingual site: Welsh is the default language. Will not display correctly in older browsers.
Link: Welsh Folk Song Society Collection
Getting in on the Act (Cymryd Rhan):