Folk Dances Around the World

As humans, we are always looking for ways to relax and enjoy our days more. Playing online games and casino games is the first choice for many people, and why wouldn’t it be considering that there are great promo codes such as fruity king promotion code that can help you have the best experience playing casino games. Other people prefer to dance as a way to release stress and have fun so it is no wonder that there are so many folk dances around the world today. 

1. Colombia – Cumbia

Although Colombia is today famous for numerous popular dances such as reggaeton and salsa, Colombian folk dance Cumbia is one of the most beautiful traditional dances of this country. This dance is supposed to be a representation of a courtship ritual accompanied by drums, flutes, as well as different percussion instruments. You will be able to recognize this dance by the way dancers are dressed – women in long, colorful skirts and men completely in white, with a sombrero. With its upbeat rhythm and energy, this dance is sure to put every viewer in a great mood. / CC BY-SA (

2. Japan – Bon Odori

It is difficult to choose just one Japanese folk dance, but Bon Odori is usually people’s favorite. It is the most fascinating one and a good representation of Japanese culture. This dance can be observed during Obon, which is a festival that honors the dead and the dance is there to welcome the spirits. The actual dance varies depending on the region, but usually involves a yagura around which dancers perform their choreography. 

3. India – Bhangra

In India, there are more traditional dances than regions in the country, and each of them is a beautiful representation of the customs and beliefs of the people. Some of the most popular ones include Dumhal, which is played by men only, Rasa Lila, which holds a great mythological significance, and Karma Dance that is usually played during the Karma festival. However, one that catches the attention the most has to be Bhangra dance which can be seen in Punjab. Although this dance was originally played during the spring harvest festival in India, it is now so popular that no celebration in Punjab could go without it. 

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4. Ireland – Irish stepdance

One of the most popular dances in Ireland, the Irish stepdance, is characterized by the quick and usually very complicated movement of the feet. The rest of the body remains stiff in order to bring more attention to the steps. As this dance is always upbeat and fast, it is a great representation of the Irish spirit and culture. Irish stepdance could be danced in a group or alone and there are even huge competitions taking place all over the world. 

5. Bulgaria – Horo

Horo, or oro, how it is also called, is the traditional dance of Bulgaria that is closely related to the traditional music of this region.   The dance is usually performed in a circle or a curved line, accompanied by a fast and upbeat song together with slow beats. This dance can be viewed on every celebration as well as during competitions where dancers usually wear traditional Bulgarian clothing. However, this dance is not characteristic of only Bulgaria but the whole Balkan peninsula and could be observed with smaller variations in other countries such as Greece, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Moldova, Turkey, and more.